PASTA SALAD RECIPES : greek pasta salad recipes

For pasta salad recipes -
Two lg. Tomato plant*, sowed and cubed
Three oz. feta cheese, diced
1 lg. Eschalot or two green onions, moderated
Three tbsp. olive oil
Three tbsp. Chopped up garden rocket or cress green
1 tbsp. fresh lemon succus
1 c. fusilli pasta or big cubitus macaroni
Salty and fresh brayed pepper
Green and/or red paprika discases
Tomato forces
Greek olives
Lemon cuneuses
Arugula or watercress sprigs

Mix 1st six components in bowl. Make pasta in big pot of roiling salt-cured water till only tender just still firm to bite, budging occasionally. Drainpipe. Gargle with cold water till cool and drain good. Add to tomato mix. Flavour with salty and pepper. (Can be cooked four hours ahead. Refrigerate.)

Spoonful salad into centres of 2 large plates. Garnishee with bell shape peppers, tomato deposits, olives, lemon wedges and arugula sprigs and service,pasta salad recipes.