Soul Food Recipes - Health Checklist Item 4


Soul Food Recipes - Health Checklist Item 4
By Roy Primm

Soul food recipes continue to have a reputation as a health issue for many people. Especially if your family has a history of hypertension, diabetes or stroke. The traditional way of preparing this tasty food is slowly fading into the sunset of history because of the growing concern of today's consumers.

Our current health system is unpredictable and financially, at best, at worst crippling. As a result of other people started to take their health as a personal responsibility more than ever, and that includes food or what they eat. To meet this growing demand for the taste of foods without risk to health, here is a checklist to guide you to the kitchen and eat soul food. Using this list, you find you do not have to give up all your favorite dishes from the south. But you will change your cooking habits and preparedness as well as reduce or eliminate those who threaten the health of ingredients substitutions health.

You are lucky because most of these suggestions have had time to go through the testing phase, This is not only health officials have been tested, but that consumes taste tested. Most have found these alternatives not only to satisfy the taste buds, but also for the body. Many have reported better health, better control of their weight, the desire to exercise more comprehensive and better health. All this while eating a better diet and the elimination of hazardous health foods.

They found they did not have to cut food of the soul. But they had to cut the fat in the collard greens. Reduce or eliminate salt in the vegetables and meat and reduce or eliminate fried foods.

Here is a checklist item 4 to remind you of your health Soul Food.

Item 1: Instead of frying or animal fat Lard Use: peanut oil or cooking spray.

Item 2: Instead of Deep Frying Fry Pan Sautee Cooking Sauté or roast

Item 3: Flavoring vegetables instead of fat back, ham hocks or bacon Use: smoked turkey necks of Turkey Turkey Turkey ham bacon sausage

Item 4: Instead of cooking with table salt Use: Kosher Salt Sea Salt Lemon Juice Lime Juice natural herbs and spices instead of using pork products smoked ham turkey bacon Turkey Turkey Ground Turkey

Following this short list, you are reminded to eat healthy. To address the need to reduce the high rate of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other diseases in this list of 4 items used to fight against this growing problem. In addition, the hope is that it helps to inspire healthy soul food recipes in the future of book publishers, restaurants and cooks.